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Henry Boulton

Focus Band
Co Founder CIO - Chief Innovation Officer T 2 Green Pty Ltd Australia
Henry Boulton is one of the Co- Founders of FocusBand.  The World's #1 In Motion Brain Sensing Headset and Neuro-Platform.  
FocusBand Technology and the Blueprint process we developed was instrumental in taking Jason Day from #37 to #1 in the World, and Justin Rose to win the First Gold Medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics in over 100 years. 
Henry's unique skill set is integrating multiple technologies together to accelerate skill acquisition and make then make the technologies functional and develop quantifiable process and results.  
We see part of the future being FocusBand's World's First Neuro-Phsyiological Training (NPT) platform (current apps -  Golf, Baseball, Yoga, Parkinson's &  Meditation)
NPT Platform integrates guided audio-pictures process simultaneously with audio-visual feedback, generating a process based session report. 
Our recent combination with Tom House for the NPT Parkinson's app, combining the Brain, Breath and the Body has had amazing initial success in trials.   
The second major FocusBand application is the Collective Awareness Training  (CAT) Platform enabling multiple users to experience being in a resonant frequency together as a group, that goes beyond thought.   We see this as the future for team sports and group consciousness.    
Henry's background growing up in Australia, I enjoyed playing sport, playing golf, cricket and rugby, eventually getting hooked on golf growing up as a teenager.   I studied Electronics Engineering and eventually got back into golf by combining my electronics skills to it.
We have developed multiple products,  a lower body training aid for golf,  our own 3D Inertia Sensor system for any sport, and then finally we built FocusBand.
We are really excited to see where Neuroscience is heading and so happy to be apart of it!!