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glen albaugh

sport performance consultant
avatar for Suzanne Alfandari

Suzanne Alfandari

EFT/Tapping & Motivational Interviewing
avatar for Joyce Anastasia

Joyce Anastasia

Lead By Wisdom
Transformational Leadership Consultant
avatar for Rich Beaver, Ph.D.

Rich Beaver, Ph.D.

Kaiser Permanente
Chronic Pain Psychologist

Richard Bollig

University of Kansas Hospital
Clinical Social Worker
avatar for Scott Bottorff

Scott Bottorff

Aspire Integrated Fitness
Founder & Owner
avatar for Henry Boulton

Henry Boulton

Focus Band
Co Founder CIO - Chief Innovation Officer T 2 Green Pty Ltd...

Ellen Braithwaite

Open Water Rowing Center
Sculling Teacher
avatar for Eric J. Carlson

Eric J. Carlson

Performance Consultant
avatar for Dawson Church, PhD

Dawson Church, PhD

Energy Psychology Group, Inc.
CEO, Speaker & Award Winning Author
avatar for Josh Crist

Josh Crist

Managing Partner, The SEC Group
3rd Degree Black Belt, Shaolin Ch'uan Fa

Brian Farrell

Eel River Tennis

Katharine Fisher

EcoVibe Wellness

michael ginn

carmel beach books

Andrew Gordon

Duane Morris LLP
avatar for Scott A Ford - Founding Member SEC Group

Scott A Ford - Founding Member SEC Group

President, Arete Sports, LLC
Author: "Integral Consciousness and Sport" and "Welcome to the Zone"
avatar for Jennifer Kartiganer

Jennifer Kartiganer

Om Power
avatar for Adam Lehman

Adam Lehman

Institute of BioEnergetic Arts & Sciences
avatar for Rick Leskowitz

Rick Leskowitz

Joy of Sox Movie
avatar for David Levy

David Levy

GeneroCity Capital
Managing Partner, Steward of Mayacamas Ranch
avatar for Roger Marsh

Roger Marsh

ITP International

Jeffrey McDonnell

avatar for Robyn Meagher

Robyn Meagher

Your Mindset
Registered Clinical Counsellor, Health & Performance Coach, 2x...
avatar for Drew Mearns

Drew Mearns

Growing Runners
Founder and Coach
avatar for David Meggyesy

David Meggyesy

Author: "Out of Their League"
avatar for Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy

Esalen Institute & ITP-International
Co-Founder Esalen Institute and ITP-International, Keynote Speaker

George Pegelow

Wu-Wei Associates

Katia Petersen

Institute of Noetic Sciences
Executive Director of Education
avatar for Sue Priver

Sue Priver

Business Performance & Leadership Coach
Nationally Ranked Masters Deadlifter
avatar for Ryan Redondo

Ryan Redondo

University of the Pacific
Director of Tennis and Men's Tennis Head
avatar for Barry Robbins

Barry Robbins

SEC Group, ITP-International
Co-Founder of the SEC Group & VP of ITP-Internation
avatar for John Ruark

John Ruark

Ruark Associates
Peak Performance Mind Coach

Beverly Rubik

Institute for Frontier Science
avatar for Robert Rudelic

Robert Rudelic

Impax Sports Therapy
VP Operations
avatar for Alec Singleton

Alec Singleton

InteraXon Inc.
Director, Product Management
avatar for Michael Spino, PhD

Michael Spino, PhD

SEC Group, True Champion, LLC
SEC Group Co-Founder, CEO & Founder True Champion, LLC
avatar for Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson

Positive Coaching Alliance
Founder and CEO
avatar for Trevor Tierney

Trevor Tierney

Co-Founder and Principal Delta Developmental
World Champion Lacrosse Goalie
avatar for kristen  ulmer

kristen ulmer

Kristen Ulmer, DBA
World Champion Extreme Skier

Greg Warburton

owner of Inner Liberty, Inc.
self-employed counselor/sport performance consulta